Jessie J Proudly Displays Postpartum Body with Self-Love

Jessie J has an overwhelming love for her postpartum body, and that love isn’t ending anytime soon!

It’s been six weeks since the English singer and her boyfriend, Chanan Safir Colman, welcomed their son, Sky Cornish Safir Colman. As expected, the songwriter’s body would change the birth.

While Jessie J’s body is undergoing the necessary changes, the singer is doing one thing about it. She is accepting and loving the difference in every single way!

Jessie J Proudly Flaunts Her Postpartum Body Six Weeks After Her Son’s Birth

Jessie J attends the London Fashion Week a/w 2014 Vivienne Westwood Catwalk show

Nothing says “self-love” and acceptance more than the Price Tag” hitmaker’s newest Instagram post. The post was a video showing the singer in high spirits as she went about her skincare routine. An excited Jessie J wore only black two-piece Calvin Klein underwear, flaunting her postpartum body.

The underwear bottom hung on Jessie’s waist, allowing for her slightly swollen belly. The clip opened with the singer showing her hands before dramatically revealing herself to the camera. She then showcased her dance skills by washing her face and applying lotion.

After finishing with her face, Jessie moved to her belly region and applied the lotion to form a heart shape. She massaged the ointment into her belly while playfully contorting her belly. Still happily dancing, the songwriter moved to brush her long dark tresses and do her minimal makeup. But first, she fixed nipple cups to each of her breasts.

When Jessie finished with her hair and makeup, she wore a waist trainer on her belly. In the caption, Jessie J announced, “Ain’t nobody love ME better. No ads, just a little six weeks postpartum self-love.” As expected, fans filled the comments section gushing about her body. One fan remarked, “Glowing! Mama hood looks good on you!” Another fan commented, “Rocking postpartum, I see.”

This post comes a few days after the “Flashlight” singer penned a message encouraging mothers to love their postpartum belly. The news came alongside a candid picture of the Tv judge’s body.

A part of the message read, “Your body was home for someone else to live in for nine months. Your organs have moved and need to return to where they were before. Your uterus is still deflating slowly. Your hormones are flying and crashing. Your body is working the hardest it has ever worked. You are exhausted, but you are magical.”

Jessie J’s Boyfriend Is Mesmerized With Her Postpartum Body!

While Jessie J is in love with her postpartum body, her baby daddy is more than in love with her body. A few days ago, the Danish-Israeli basketball star took to Instagram to gush about how Jessie J looks hotter after their son’s birth. The post dedicated to Jessie comprised images of her during pregnancy and after their son’s birth.

The post started with a picture of the lovers in each other’s arms at a beach. Colman, who couldn’t keep his hands to himself, kissed his woman sweetly on her cheeks.

The following snap was a mirror picture of Jessie in the early stages of her pregnancy. Rocking a form-fitted black dress, the 35-year-old mom posed sideways, putting her backside and belly bump on display. The third image on the slideshow captured the “Bang Bang” singer in all her pregnancy glow. She wore a cropped top and pants, letting her burgeoning belly take the spotlight.

At the end of the carousel was a heartwarming video of the new mom bonding with her little cherub. She showered him with kisses on his forehead. In the post’s caption, the new dad gushed about his baby mama’s gorgeous physique, writing, “Hot ➡️ Then beautiful ➡️ Then gorgeous ➡️ Then all of the morherf’nabove and then some😍. You are hotter, more gorgeous than ever.”

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