Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Donned Matching Pants for Their Kids’ Graduations

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Each Wear the Same Pants to Their Daughters' Graduations: Photos

Gia Giudice, Teresa Giudice, Antonia Gorga and Melissa Gorga.
Courtesy of Teresa Giudice/Instagram; Courtesy of Teresa Melissa Gorga/Instagram

Melissa Gorga was ecstatic to celebrate her and husband Joe Gorga‘s daughter Antonia’s high school graduation before eagle-eyed fans noticed she seemingly copied sister-in-law Teresa Giudice‘s style.

“I will NEVER not see you with an oversized bow and a gigantic tutu. Spread your wings and fly my girl I love you more than you know,” Melissa, 44, wrote via Instagram on Thursday, June 22, sharing pics from her 17-year-old daughter’s ceremony alongside Joe, 43, and the couple’s sons Gino, 15, and Joey, 13.

In the photos, Melissa wore a white shirt and matching blazer with a pair of striped, beige linen pants. The trousers look identical to the ones that Giudice, 51, wore to her daughter Gia’s college graduation in May.

“Did you borrow Teresa’s pants? She wore them to Gia’s graduation 🤣,” one social media user replied on Thursday.

Another added: “Everything Tre does Melissa tries oh so hard to do better. Even down to the outfit!”

While neither Real Housewives of New Jersey star has addressed the wardrobe comparison, they have been estranged since August 2022. Giudice — who shares four daughters with ex-husband Joe Giudice — has had a rocky history with her brother’s wife before things reached a boiling point when the Gorgas opted to skip Teresa’s wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas last year. They believed that the Turning Tables author spread rumors that Melissa cheated on Joe and subsequently was upset over the gossip. (The Gorgas have since denied the cheating accusations.)

“That’s my only family. So, what do you think? Yeah, it was devastating,” Teresa exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2022 while speaking about their absence. “I mean, the day before [my wedding], I was in tears ’cause I just found out [they weren’t coming]. It was heartbreaking [because] it’s my only family, and Luis was hurting for me. My children were hurting. But then [on] that day, that day was our day.”

The “On Display” singer, for her part, told Us that same month that she was upset that Teresa excluded her as a bridesmaid. “From day one with all the wedding drama, I was told on national TV I wasn’t gonna be a part of it,” Melissa told Us at BravoCon. “I was told we are not close. I was told all of these things. So when you draw the line in the sand, well then, I have to stand behind the line. And then don’t be upset when we’re behind the line because you drew it.”

The drama escalated during the RHONJ season 13 reunion, which aired earlier this month, after Teresa accused Melissa and her brother of putting her in jail, which they denied. (Teresa and Giudice went to jail for multiple fraud charges in 2015.)

The siblings have since ceased communication.

“I wish them well. I swear I wish them all the best,” Teresa told Us in February, noting she doesn’t hold a grudge. “I need to heal myself. I’ve been through a lot the past 10 years with them. I’m happy for them. I wish them well and I wish they wished me the same back. I’m focusing on my family, my daughters, on my stepsons, on my husband. … And putting myself first because for a long time I haven’t put myself first. So now this is my time.”


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