Tamra Judge Offers Apology to Shannon Beador: Regretful for Inappropriate Comment

Tamra Judge has issued some apologies to Shannon Beador in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Last week, Tamra cursed at Shannon and accused her of being an alcoholic, to which she now wants to make amends. However, resolving their issues may not be as easy as she initially thought. In a scene from Season 17, Tamra learns about her actions from Jennifer Pedranti, who brings her up to speed on what happened during their boat ride. Tamra, who admits to being drunk that night, is horrified by her behavior and is particularly shocked by her choice of words, including telling Shannon to “f–k a duck.” Jennifer advises her to extend an olive branch and apologize to Shannon, which Tamra decides to do via a video call. In the call, Tamra sincerely apologizes for her actions, explaining that she has been going through a lot emotionally but doesn’t want to make excuses for herself. Shannon accepts the apology but expresses her hope that such hurtful comments won’t be said to her again. She also shares that she feels conflicted because she believes they should address her own hurt and experiences as well, not just Tamra’s. Despite this, Shannon decides to attend Tamra’s farewell party for her gym, Cut Fitness, showing that she is willing to move forward. Upon their reunion at the party, Tamra immediately apologizes to Shannon again, hugging her tightly. She admits to beating herself up over her actions the next day and acknowledges that she took her emotions out on Shannon, which she deeply regrets. The two women embrace tearfully, but it is evident that there are still unresolved issues between them. Shannon expresses in a confessional that while she appreciates Tamra’s apology for the boat incident, she believes there are other things Tamra owes her apologies for. The situation remains complicated, and it’s unclear how they will address these lingering issues.


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