RSVP Unveils Highly-Anticipated Debut Album and Offers Sneak Peek of Upcoming Single

It has been exactly one year since Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V, and Pleasure P took the stage in a Verzuz opening show like no other. However, their performance didn’t just result in viral memes and cultural classics. It also gave birth to RSVP, a new group formed by these R&B icons. Ray J describes RSVP as a “man-band” and emphasizes that they are the only group where each member is a solo artist.

Sammie describes himself and Bobby as the chill, laid-back, and easygoing members of RSVP. Ray J is authentic and transparent, while Pleasure P keeps the party going. During an interview with, the group emphasizes their brotherhood and believes that RSVP is meant to be. Sammie explains that the group was not meant to be structured and that they were formed out of dysfunction, which somehow works for them.

After the Verzuz battle, RSVP worked on their debut album throughout August and September. However, their debut single, “Money Everywhere,” was not released until December. The group assures their supporters that the album is completed and highly anticipated, with a summer release date. Sammie states that the album will feature a variety of music styles, including love songs, island music, and even a cross-over record.

When asked about the delay in releasing the album, Bobby V explains that they needed to establish some structure and handle the business side of the music. However, he assures that they have a great album and are serious about their music. Pleasure P reveals that they have an unexpected Afro-beats single called “Rock The Boat” on the album.

RSVP recently performed at the i Love RnB Festival, which reignited their group energy. Despite their lack of rehearsal, they decided to go on stage and perform together as a group. This experience revitalized them and reminded them of their potential. The group will be returning to the festival stage in July as headliners.

RSVP believes they are equal partners with no leaders within the group. They are focused on phase two, which involves putting out music and bringing back the boy band concept in R&B. They want to change the perception of R&B and show that collaboration and unity are important in the genre.

Overall, RSVP is excited about their music and the future. They believe that as a group, they are amazing and have something to offer to the R&B culture. They are determined to have fun and enjoy their journey in the music business.


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