Reviewing NXT Gold Rush Night 1: Unpacking the Breakdown, Victors, and Reactions

NXT Gold Rush Night 1 Review: The NXT Gold Rush kicked off on June 20 with an exciting episode featuring thrilling matches for two prestigious championships. Additionally, intense rivalries were further fueled as competitors fought for a chance at future glory. Bron Breakker fearlessly challenged Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an ambitious bid for the title. The question loomed: Could Rollins successfully defend his title against this determined newcomer?

Tyler Bate vs (C) Wes Lee – NXT North American Championship
When Mustafa Ali made a shocking return to NXT, he immediately inserted himself in the conversation for the NXT North American Championship. With friendships formed between Tyler Bate, Wes Lee, and Ali, the anticipation for a championship match grew. The match between Lee and Bate showcased a back-and-forth battle, with Lee ultimately retaining his title. Respect was shown between all three competitors in a thrilling encounter.

Backstage Segment #1
In a backstage segment, Jacy Jayne was being watched by the anonymous figure known as NXT Anonymous. Lyra Valkyria confronted Jayne over her previous comments, hinting at a potential match between the two. The mystery of the anonymous figure continues as tensions rise.

Chase U Pep Rally
Duke Hudson and Chase University organized a lively pep rally for Thea Hail, who would be challenging Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship on Gold Rush Night 2. The champion, Stratton, interrupted the pep rally and mocked Hail and Chase U, but ended up being put in a kimura lock by Hail. This segment set the stage for an exciting championship match between the rising star Hail and the established champion Stratton.

Backstage Segment #2
The Schism faction faced internal struggles as Joe Gacy’s recent failures caused discontent among his tag team partners. Ava Raine intervened to prevent further arguments, but the Diamond Mine observed their discord and issued a threat to eliminate them from NXT.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match
A thrilling triple threat tag team match took place to determine the number one contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championships on Gold Rush Night 2. The match showcased high-flying maneuvers, hard-hitting action, and moments where any team could emerge victorious. The success of this match emphasized the importance and excitement of tag team wrestling, leading to anticipation for the upcoming title match between Edris and Malik against the Gallus boys.

Backstage Segment #3
Eddie Thorpe encountered Damon Kemp backstage, who proposed bringing RAW Underground to NXT for their rematch. The segment took an unexpected turn when Roxanne Perez attacked Blair Davenport, setting the stage for a heated feud between the two.

Backstage Segment #4
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was greeted by his former student, NXT Heritage Cup Champion Nathan Frazier. Rollins expressed his pride in Frazier’s growth. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams also entered the scene, showcasing respect between the champions. Speculation arose regarding a potential champion vs. champion match in the future.

Cora Jade vs Dana Brooke
“The resident mean girl” Cora Jade faced Dana Brooke in her return to NXT. The match started off in Jade’s favor, but Brooke fought back until her knee buckled. The match was momentarily paused for medical attention, during which Jade mocked Brooke. However, Brooke refused to stay down and continued the fight until the referee called the match to protect her. The crowd showed support for Jade, indicating the acceptance of the Generation of Jade.

Backstage Segment #4
Eddie Thorpe found himself surrounded by fellow NXT superstars discussing the raw underground match with Damon Kemp. Gable Stevenson, Damon Kemp’s brother, offered to help Thorpe with training. The trustworthiness of relying on his opponent’s brother remains uncertain.

Baron Corbin vs (C) Carmelo Hayes – NXT Championship Stand-Off
Baron Corbin and NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes engaged in a heated verbal exchange before their upcoming match. Both competitors compared their careers, lifestyles, and bank accounts, fueling their rivalry. Corbin declared his intention to reclaim the NXT Championship, while Hayes asserted his dominance over NXT.

Leon Ruff and Feroz Rosario vs Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend
The ongoing feud between these two teams escalated in this match, with Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend emerging victorious with the assistance of Noam Dar and Oro Mensah. The feud continues, leaving questions about a potential alliance between Lola Vice, Elektra Lopez, and their Latina counterparts.

Bron Breakker vs (C) Seth “Freakin” Rollins – WWE World Heavyweight Championship
The main event featured an epic showdown between Bron Breakker and Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd erupted with excitement as Rollins made his entrance. The match delivered high intensity and Breakker gave his all, nearly shocking the world. However, Rollins ultimately retained his title in a memorable battle.


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