Luis Ruelas Accuses Margaret Josephs of Engaging in a Smear Campaign, Deems Her a ‘Pig’

Luis Ruelas Calls Margaret Josephs A ‘Pig’ Amid Smear Campaign Allegations

Luis Ruelas has been accused of communicating “intimidating” messages to a Bravo fan page. A series of leaked DMs seemingly point to Luis trying to implicate Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Margaret Josephs, whom he calls a “pig,” as a source of negative rumors.


The Instagram drama came as Luis Ruelas was hit with backlash after he appeared to threaten various cast members during the recently aired reunion series. Luis Ruelas wrote in the first exposed DM—“You better off doing good out there in the world… try it you may feel better while wearing those sunglasses you bought with the bribe money you got from that PIG,” as revealed in screenshots shared by @yourmomsarewatching on Instagram. Luis pressed Thea de Sousa, the person behind the account, to “be a good person” as he insisted that he and wife, Teresa Giudice, were the same.


He wrote, “Just be a good person because we are good people. Everything else is manufactured,” referring to rumors that suggest the couple is up to no good.” Luis appeared upset over the account putting out negative information about him and the RHONJ star.


“Why did you put that out there about Teresa and I? Between you and me and the four walls, did Margaret ask you to do it?” he asked. “The way you explained this and came at us is something Marge would do. Did she put you up to it in anyway? Please be honest, I have a life and busy, I just want to know for myself.” Thea explained why she chose to share the DMs in a subsequent post.


“Sorry I didn’t post much today. I have been laying low because I’m a little freaked out. I got this DM last night from Louis … He is referring to the fact that Marge once sent me a gift card to thank me for helping her. I bought sunglasses with it. It wasn’t a bribe it was a thank you. I have posted about her gift. I’m not hiding it,” she revealed. “I have never heard from Louis before yesterday. I felt like this was strange and intimidating. I’m sharing because I feel like it protects me if you all know.” Some eagle-eyed fans noticed the absence of a blue checkmark beside Luis’ handle, which called into question the authenticity of the messages. One Twitter user offered an explanation about the seemingly missing verification logo.


The user said — “It’s not fake. You can see Louie’s name truncates and shows the … at the end of his name. The second recording is after I turned on “button labels” in my accessibility settings. You can see it puts the line under the … a little lower.” The entire RHONJ cast is currently in limbo, as the show has been put “on pause” amid the feud between Teresa, her brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa Gorga. Sources recently told Page Six that Bravo executives decided to put off Season 14 production because Teresa and Melissa are “legitimately estranged.”


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