Slenderman’s Return Imminent: Recent Countdown and Teaser Hints

It’s been a decade since the release of Slender: The Arrival, meaning it’s been just as long since we’ve come face to face with the terrifying Slenderman and his featureless face. That said, a new teaser and countdown from developer, Blue Isle Studios, points towards the humanoid making a comeback in the near future.

Slenderman first arose to fame after being conjured up in a creepypasta; an Internet-based urban legend of sorts. His appearance being so unusual; a slim, faceless man in a black suit with extraordinarily long limbs, and the various other stories that emerged on the internet about him garnered this character quite the cult following.

Slender: The Eight Pages arrived in 2012, with Slender: The Arrival, releasing shortly after in 2013. The creepy fellow even received his own feature-length film in 2018, and spoiler alert, it’s terrible. Now, in 2023, Slenderman appears to be making a grand return to the world of video games.

He’s not alone, either, given the amount of comebacks and remakes from cult classics that horror fans have already seen in 2023; Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, The Outlast Trials, System Shock, and Amnesia: The Bunker. Let’s not forget that Alone in the Dark is coming, and Silent Hill 2 could still release this year, too. We’ve been spoilt for choice.

Tweeted from the Slender: The Arrival account, a short teaser trailer joined by the caption, “He’s waiting…” was shared. This teaser is only a few seconds long, and shows a single, jittery frame from the latter half of Slender: The Arrival before fading into static. So, there’s no mistaking that this is Slenderman we’re talking about.

Shortly after, Blue Isle Studios shared a countdown on the Slender: The Arrival website, which will come to an end on July 28. Whatever Blue Isle is currently cooking up, it’s coming soon. Now, this could be a remake, remaster, or sequel to the 2013 game, but Blue Isle is yet to share any details. All I know, right now, is that Slenderman is coming back to scare streamers senseless for my entertainment.

Ready your torch and sanity for July 28, when we’ll finally be hearing more about what Blue Isle Studios has planned for the future of Slenderman.

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