Potential Surgery Needed for OnlyFans Cougar After ‘Work-Related’ Injury

Sexting can be dangerous. Just ask OnlyFans model and actress Elaina St. James, who is on doctor’s orders to calm it down.

Elaina St. James Occupational Hazzard

OnlyFans Favorite Cougar Gets 'Work-Related' Injury, Could Need Surgery

The model knows it’s wild, but what can she do? “It just sounds crazy; believe me, I know!” she admits, who noticed that she had a nagging pain in her elbow.

“In April, my elbow started getting sore to the point of excruciating pain. I am very tolerant of a lot of pain and just chalked it up to an injury from yoga or maybe the tugging of my overzealous dog on her walks. But it kept getting worse.”

Finally, she realized this pain wasn’t going away on its own. “I noticed that even after taking over-the-counter pain medication, the pain was sharper, and at times my fingers would unexpectedly go numb. I also noticed that my right elbow was swollen.”

To the doctor’s office she went. “I suspected Tennis Elbow, caused by repeated stress and can lead to permanent nerve damage. Now I don’t play tennis, but I quickly realized that the repetitive motion during sexting had caused the injury.”

Dirty Talk Kept Elaina St. James Ill

OnlyFans Favorite Cougar Gets 'Work-Related' Injury, Could Need Surgery

Who would’ve thought that a little nasty talk would be the perpetrator? “The most obvious culprit was my OnlyFans, which is also my main source of income. I was still running my second OnlyFans page as a Sexting page and would spend hours chatting with fans almost entirely from my cell phone!”

Her doctor took a stern tone with her over the injury. “My doctor warned if I didn’t make lifestyle changes, the pain would get worse, and I’d be looking at surgery; I could lose feeling in my fingers and permanent injury to my hand.”

The doctor’s warning shook the MILF up a bit. “She scared me straight that it was serious. I started using my PC more for posting, icing my elbow regularly, taking daily meds, and wearing a splint when I sleep to keep my arm straight.”

Elaina St. James Says It’s Not Worth It

OnlyFans Favorite Cougar Gets 'Work-Related' Injury, Could Need Surgery

The model is willing to take a pay cut for her health, which is what she did. “I also made the tough decision to stop all sexting and turn that page into a free page with videos for sale. It has been a blow financially, but my health must take priority.”

That change didn’t last too long. She admits to being back on OnlyFans engaging with her fans again, but it’s slightly different now. “I still enjoy messaging with fans, but remind myself to keep it brief, especially if I use my phone.”

St. James notes that being an influencer is her full-time job, AKA her livelihood, so she can’t quit altogether. “Being a content creator isn’t a 9-5 job, and like most, I spend most of my days thinking about, making, editing, and posting content – overwhelmingly from my phone.”

Elaina St. James Is Issuing A PSA

OnlyFans Favorite Cougar Gets 'Work-Related' Injury, Could Need Surgery

The model is taking this incident seriously and is making sure fellow content creators are aware, and her followers know the pain she is enduring to bring them only the best! “Sexting Elbow and Texting Thumb are actual problems for many people, not just content creators.”

“At first, it sounds funny, but it can be serious; as a single Mom, I have many people and pets that depend on me to stay as healthy as possible.”


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