Brooke’s Misfortune: Signal Failure and the Ominous Beginning

Bold and the Beautiful set Brooke Logan in what looked like it could be the opening of a horror flick today on the CBS soap. The Logan matriarch looked lost and B&B made sure to show her phone lost the charge. So what happens next to the woman who can’t wait to look through a keyhole because legend has it giving her a peek at her destiny?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Logan Becomes Lost

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) denied the possibility that she could become lost. She did this on Thursday’s B&B when her ex-husband suggested they all go together for that reason.

Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) didn’t want his ex to meet up with him. No, he wanted her to go with him to the famous door with the keyhole of destiny.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)
B&B: Brooke Logan | CBS

Even Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) mentioned to Ridge that Brooke may have gotten lost when she wasn’t at that keyhole door when expected.

So, when Carter and Ridge arrived, Brooke was nowhere to be found. Instead, scenes of her looking frustrated wandering around on a street rolled out. Then she looked at her cell phone screen and realized she ran out of juice.

So now she can’t contact Ridge. But this looked as if it could lead to something awful about to happen to Brooke Logan.

B&B Spoilers: Setting Up Jolt for Brooke and Ridge Forrester?

Bold and the Beautiful is short for a soap, only 30 minutes long. But with the commercials included, each episode likely gives you 16 to 20 minutes of showtime. So, B&B doesn’t usually waste time with things going nowhere.

With the possibility of Brooke getting lost brought up a few times, it looked like they set her up to meet with ill fate. But something new has popped up recently. It looks like things are not right with Ridge.

The guy is off his game, plus he’s looking a bit down. Brooke mentioned this to Carter when she told him she worries about her ex. But Carter said he’s a bit down these days. While Brooke Logan does her best to get the dressmaker into a romantic mood, he won’t bite.

He’s unsure if a life of hurting each other is worth returning to. So he ponders his future with the woman he once called his “Logan.” Now, it would be like Bold and the Beautiful to give him a jolt to help him make up his mind. And they did.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Gets a Push

B&B also spent some time hyping Brooke up as a celebrity in the fashion world. So, when showing her lost, it looked like they were about to set her up to be nabbed. Possibly by some shady characters with a plan of ransom in the works.

Or, they could have her almost abducted with Ridge coming to the rescue. So, today when Bold and the Beautiful set up the scene for a lost Brooke, anything or nothing could have happened. But it seemed to lead toward something awful about to occur.

While fans waited to see where the soap was going with this, Ridge became agitated with Carter. This best friend pushed a somewhat despondent dressmaker to look through that keyhole.

His first glimpse lasted only a second. But Carter asked Ridge to indulge him by taking another look. So he did.

Suddenly Brooke Logan pops up. So, it sure looks like he saw his destiny through that keyhole. Last we heard from Ridge, he sounded astonished over this. But is it enough to make him go after Brooke Logan?

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