WGB, Home of AWESOME Reviews, Announces Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A New 2D Mario Game Set to Release in October

The biggest announcement of today’s Nintendo Direct event was the announcement of a brand-new 2D Mario game titled Super Mario Bros. Wonder, due out on October 20th for the Switch.

The beautiful trailer initially shows what looks like a fairly typical New Super Mario Bros. style platformer, complete with four-player co-op ( Peach, Daisy, Luigi, and Toad all seem to be playable characters) and an overworld map.

But then Mario grabs a some type of new power-up and everything gets…weird. Honestly, it kind of looks like Mario ate some LSD because the pipes start to wobble, there’s a herd of sheep and then Mario turns into an elephant. Maybe it’s time to lay off the shrooms, Mario.

It actually looks super fun, like a classic Mario game with a few cool twists and an awesome visual style. The trailer has a really lively, energetic style that I love.

I can’t wait to check this one out when it arrives in October.

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