Tina Turner’s Son Ike Jr., Previously Estranged, Arrested for Crack Cocaine Offenses Shortly Prior to Her Passing

Reports on Wednesday indicated that Tina Turner’s son, Ike Turner Jr., was arrested in Texas last month, just weeks prior to his mother’s death.

According to legal documents obtained by People, details about Ike Jr.’s May arrest have recently emerged. On May 6, the 64-year-old son was pulled over by Alvin police after midnight due to an equipment violation on his 2013 Ford Fusion. It was later discovered that he had a headlight or taillight out. During the encounter, officers noticed Ike Jr. putting something in his mouth and subsequently confiscated the substance.

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Further investigation revealed that Ike Jr. was in possession of 1.7 grams of crack cocaine and 0.7 grams of methamphetamine. In an incident report by Captain Q.T. Arendell of the Alvin Police Department, it was stated that Ike Jr. attempted to conceal the evidence by trying to ingest the drugs before the officers could retrieve them.

“He tried to eat the drugs before the officers could seize them from him.”


Had he swallowed that amount of drugs, it likely would have resulted in a fatal outcome. Absolutely terrifying.

Ike Jr. was not alone in the vehicle; his passenger, Jessica Salinas-Esquivel, was also charged in the arrest. Ike Jr. was sentenced to jail just 18 days before his mother’s passing on May 23. As of Wednesday, he remains in Brazoria County Jail as he has not posted his $70,000 bail. He faces charges of crack cocaine possession and tampering with evidence, as well as an unrelated outstanding warrant. Meanwhile, Jessica is being charged with possession of crack cocaine.

As many may recall, Tina separated from Ike Jr.’s father, Ike Turner, due to his abusive behavior fueled by a cocaine addiction that started in the 1970s. In 1981, Tina spoke to the outlet about the severity of the abuse before she left:

“I was living a life of death. I didn’t exist. I didn’t fear him killing me when I left, because I was already dead. When I walked out, I didn’t look back.”

In a 2018 interview with DailyMail.com, Ike Jr. revealed that his father became abusive towards him when they worked together as sound engineers:

“When my mother and father separated, he did not want me working with her – and he beat me in the head with a nickel-plated .45 pistol.”

Such a tragic situation.

This strained Ike Jr.’s relationship with Tina, and at the time, he stated that he had not spoken to her in over 10 years. It is unknown whether their relationship improved since then, but unfortunately, he was in jail at the time of her passing.

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