The Subreddit for Steam Takes Part in an Impressive, Passionate Protest

As we’ve discussed, Reddit is currently facing challenges as its owners clash with readers and moderators over monetization efforts. Users are expressing their frustration through various forms of protest. Notably, the gaming subreddit r/steam, with 1.9 million subscribers, has become my favorite amid these controversies.

In March 2023, r/steam presents “The Top Ten Most Played Games On Steam Deck.” We have witnessed blackouts and websites switching to NSFW settings to avoid generating ad revenue. However, r/steam, whose moderators were threatened with removal for a blackout, decided to reopen with a purpose. And that purpose, as highlighted by PC Gamer, is to become the internet’s top destination for all things steam-related, not just the PC shopfront and launcher.

The subreddit now encompasses steam engines, steam clouds, steam tractors, steam-driven cars, and academic books discussing steam. An example post showcases a classic “rate my setup” scenario, where a user seeks technical advice from the community. Despite the ongoing protest, users still find reasons to celebrate. Like any gaming subreddit, nostalgia sets in, and members enjoy reminiscing about the past.

It’s important to remember that Reddit exists in its current form because it serves as a platform for user interactions, learning, teaching, and socializing—all free of charge. While this form of protest may not be the most effective, as users still generate content, it does present an opportunity for fun and engagement if one decides to participate in a long-term protest.

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