Sharon Takes a Dark Turn following Cameron’s Death on ‘Young and the Restless’

Young and the Restless’ Sharon Newman is putting up a tough front after killing Cameron Kirsten. But she may be struggling more than she’s letting on. And, soon, she may fall into a darkness on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Sharon Newman Ends Cameron Kirsten

Recently, on Y&R, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) killed psycho Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby). He had her daughter, Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster), wired with explosives. Plus, he threatened to kill Sharon. Of course, she was acting in self-defense when she stabbed him to death.

Young and the Restless: Sharon Newman (Sharon Case)

Detective Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) saw the whole thing. And he assured Sharon she would not face any criminal charges. But just because she won’t face legal troubles doesn’t mean there won’t be fallout.

Sharon said something recently that makes us wonder if there’s a dark twist ahead on Young and the Restless.

Something Snaps in Sharon on Y&R?

Recently, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) got Sharon to open up about her feelings. He worries that if she doesn’t process and work through the trauma of killing a person, it will haunt her.

So, Sharon told Nick how she feels. She feels no remorse for killing Cameron. He was a monster who terrorized her and her family on Young and the Restless. And she’s glad he’s dead — she’d do it again if she had to.

However, she also said that she feels alive now. She said since Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) died, it’s like she was asleep. She’s been pouring coffee and listening to other people’s problems. But she said now she’s awake.

And it’s interesting that she would say that because that’s what Cameron said to her. That she’s not living she’s just slinging coffee while listening to others. So, that might be a clue that something has shifted in Sharon.

Dark Days Coming on Young and the Restless?

Now, Cameron is dead, and Sharon’s family is safe. But this might not be the end of it. Sharon says she feels “activated” now, and her behavior may start to change.

Killing her stalker might’ve awakened a darkness in her. Indeed, it would be a fun and wild twist if she started acting evil. Of course, it’s unlikely it will go that far.

But she might change so drastically that it could scare Nick and Faith. Then, Nick may work overtime to help Sharon. If so, it would put a strain on his relationship with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope).

And Young and the Restless spoilers promise that their relationship is soon put to the test. So, that may be because Sharon spirals out of control soon. She could wind up having a breakdown. And Nick will step up to get her help.

Sally’s also in a dark place after losing her baby girl. And she could very well push Nick away. And if Sharon ends up turning dark, Nick may be the only one that can help her.

It’s one twist after another right now on Y&R. Don’t miss a minute to see if Sharon Newman goes down a dark path after taking someone’s life on the CBS sudser.

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