Sequoia Unveils Atlas: A Dynamic Navigator of Europe’s Tech Talent Hub

There are approximately 3 million software engineers in Europe, but finding the right engineers for specific job requirements can be challenging. Although cities like London and Paris have a high concentration of software engineers, it’s important to understand which locations offer the best access to specific disciplines. Venture capital firm Sequoia aims to address this issue with a new online tool called Atlas, designed primarily for its own portfolio founders but also available to the public. Atlas incorporates qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, including talent surveys, interviews, and aggregated data from various sources. The tool presents a comprehensive view of the current European technical talent landscape, highlighting cities with the highest talent density in different specialization areas per capita. For example, Dublin has a high concentration of AI talent. While Atlas provides useful information about talent density, it doesn’t compare cities directly, but rather showcases the differences in densities. The tool also highlights correlations between talent density and the quality of engineers. Other interesting findings from Atlas include Germany’s focus on robotics, drones, and autonomous vehicles, as well as Gothenburg’s expertise in systems engineering. Atlas can help startups and companies looking for specific engineering skills and could also guide decisions about satellite offices or company headquarters. As remote work becomes more prevalent, the tool can assist with deciding between fully remote teams or hybrid setups. Atlas, which took a year to develop, will continue to evolve based on user feedback and changes in the European tech talent ecosystem.

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