Quests and NPC Locations for Week 3 of Chapter 4 Season 3

We are now three weeks into Fortnite’s latest season, and hopefully, you have been able to complete the weekly quests without any issues. This week, however, you might have noticed some unfamiliar challenges, including one that involves a new mechanic: mud. Let’s get to work finishing this week’s quests (as well as last week’s bonus quest) and make a joke about getting dirty while we’re at it.

How to cover yourself in mud and slide 100 meters:
To complete the mud-sliding quest, which is the second step of one of this week’s quests, you need to first thank the bus driver and loot a chest three times. To thank the bus driver, simply press B on a keyboard or Down on the d-pad while in the bus. Then, dive down to a safe location and find a chest to loot. Once you have done that, you will be asked to cover yourself in mud and slide. Head towards the new jungle area and look for thick, brown areas on the ground where you can step and obtain a cloak of mud. Once you have covered yourself in mud, find a slope just northwest of Mega City that leads towards a temple structure. This slope will be covered in mud, but there will also be an exposed pipe spilling water. Go to the top of the slope, cover yourself in mud again, and then race down to slide towards the temple. With this method, you should be able to cover 100 meters in just one trip. Beware of the water, as it will wash off the mud.

NPC locations for Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3:
The next two-step quest on this week’s to-do list requires you to first damage opponents with assault rifles and then chat with an NPC. Below is a map showing the current locations of all Fortnite NPCs.

How to reveal enemy players:
This season, there are a few different ways to reveal enemy players, but it may be a bit more challenging due to the addition of mud as a form of camouflage. One method is to use a Flare Gun and shoot another player with it, which will reveal an enemy. Another option is to visit Peely in Shady Stilts and purchase a Shadow Tracker from him for 400 bars. This weapon not only reveals an enemy upon landing a shot but also deals higher damage per second. Alternatively, you can go to a capture point to reveal any enemy within its vicinity. Refer to the map below for the current locations of capture points.

How to damage enemies with Fortnite’s Pod Plants:
Along with mud, Fortnite has introduced some destructive Pod Plants for you to annoy your enemies with. Once you have completed all of Week 2’s quests, your bonus quest will require you to damage an opponent with a Pod Plant. These plants can be found in the Creeky Compound, located in the center of the map. You can either shoot or strike them with a melee attack to send them flying. Purple flowers will cause an explosion, yellow ones release hazardous fumes, and blue ones provide healing.

Remember, Fortnite’s weekly quests can be completed at any time during the season, so there’s no rush to complete them all right away. The current season runs until August 25, 2023.

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