Estimated Time to Complete Final Fantasy 16 – Main Quests and Completionist Run

Final Fantasy XVI is a highly anticipated action-RPG exclusively available on PlayStation 5. Unlike previous installments in the series, which are known for their lengthy gameplay and optional content, FFXVI takes a different approach. With its focus on action gameplay and a more linear structure, the game can be completed in a shorter amount of time depending on your playstyle.

If you stick strictly to the main quests of FFXVI, indicated by red quest icons, you can finish the game in approximately 30 hours. The game offers a cinematic experience with quests that combine low-key objectives with intense dungeon exploration, boss battles, and epic Eikon fights.

However, sidequests are an integral part of the Final Fantasy experience, and FFXVI offers plenty of these between major story beats. You’ll find green quest markers in your home base, The Hideaway, and various open regions throughout the game, indicating sidequests. Some of these sidequests unlock new gameplay features, such as the Chocobo mount. If you complete all the sidequests along with the main story, expect the game to take around 45 to 50 hours to finish.

Additionally, there’s the Hunt Board, which presents a bounty list of optional bosses scattered throughout the game’s open hub areas. Taking down these targets not only offers a combat challenge but also grants XP and materials for better gear. Factoring in the Hunt Board targets, the game’s total playtime increases to around 50 to 55 hours.

FFXVI also includes combat-only challenges like the Arcade Mode, where you can attempt graded runs of main story dungeons, and the Chronolith battles, which are wave-based fights against specific Eikons. Depending on your skill level and desire for high scores, these challenges can add several additional hours to your playtime. Additionally, there’s a New Game+ mode that takes you through the main story again with tougher enemies, extra fights, and new combat mechanics, which can add even more time to your playthrough. To experience everything FFXVI has to offer, you can expect to invest around 80 hours of playtime.

For more information about this new installment in the iconic RPG franchise, you can read our Final Fantasy XVI review. And if you need a lore guide or a primer to understand the intricate politics of Valisthea, check out our FFXVI lore explained video. Please note that the products mentioned in this content were chosen independently by our editors, and GameSpot may receive a share of the revenue if you make a purchase through our site.

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