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You might consider Final Fantasy XVI as simply the latest addition to the long line of games created by Square Enix to rejuvenate its nearly 40-year-old series. However, unlike many of its predecessors, which struggled to revive the franchise, Final Fantasy XVI embraces the dark side. In a Kotaku review, Corey Plante describes it as a dark, mature story that explores how trauma shapes heroism and the determination needed to overcome impossible odds. By delving into these depths, FFXVI seems to lift the series out of its longstanding rut.

In terms of release, Final Fantasy XVI is set to launch on June 22. Pre-orders are still available and come with bonuses such as a Cait Sith Charm and the Braveheart weapon. Deluxe Editions, both physical and digital, are also up for purchase, offering additional goodies like a SteelBook case, cloth map, and a digital artbook and soundtrack. Unfortunately, the physical Collector’s Edition is sold out, with exorbitantly priced copies appearing on eBay.

For the time being, FFXVI will be exclusive to the PS5 for at least six months before eventually becoming available on PC. In terms of story connections, Final Fantasy tales are mostly independent of each other, although certain elements like magic crystals and the fire demon Ifrit make appearances throughout the series. With FFXVI, there is no significant barrier to entry for newcomers.

Interestingly, FFXVI diverges from convention by prioritizing English. English dialogue was recorded first with full facial motion capture, making it the game’s most intended form. Subtitles support a wider range of languages compared to voice over options.

The two-hour demo available for FFXVI serves as the introductory section of the full game. Progress made in the demo carries over to the complete game, except for the unlockable Benedikta boss fight. If players wish to experience the demo again, it is recommended to start a new game instead of using the existing save file.

As for gameplay, Final Fantasy XVI continues the series’ departure from turn-based combat and adopts a real-time battle system. However, players have the option to choose a “story-focused” mode if they prefer a more observer role. Eikon spirits serve as battle summons, with the main character, Clive, utilizing them for special attacks.

Despite almost being cut from the game due to its contrasting tone, Moogle, a franchise mascot, does make an appearance in Final Fantasy XVI. These adorable creatures, first introduced in Final Fantasy III in 1990, provide assistance throughout the game.

Final Fantasy XVI has the potential to be a standout in the series, with its dark storyline and innovative gameplay. The inclusion of high-performance Moogle is a testament to this.

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