Episode 3 of ‘The Idol’: Unforgettable WTF Moments from ‘Daybreak’

It was all Tedros (Abel Tesfaye) all the time in the latest episode of The Idol.

Unlike in the first two episodes, viewers were given no respite from Tedros’ annoying antics — and Tesfaye’s lackluster line delivery. The episode focused on Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) falling further under Tedros’ influence, so it included a lot of unsettling scenes of the pair.


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Here are the most WTF scenes from episode three, “Daybreak,” from Tedros and Jocelyn’s trip to Valentino to that haunting final montage.

Poor Leia

The episode begins with Tedros “taking” Jocelyn shopping. A more apt description would be Leia (Rachel Sennott) taking Tedros and Jocelyn shopping. Leia drives Jocelyn’s red convertible down picturesque LA roads and Tedros and Jocelyn hook-up in the backseat the entire ride. Tedros taunts Leia, “What’s wrong Leia? It’s a little bumpy. You’re hitting the breaks too much, fucking up the vibe back here.” The scene is, of course, soundtracked by none other than The Weeknd.

The Valentino showroom

Tedros and Jocelyn shop at Valentino and their entire visit is ridiculous. Tedros tries to assert his dominance by threatening a Valentino salesperson. He whispers in his ear repeatedly, “Let me catch you looking at her again,” a warning that carries all the weight of a feather. As does most scenes in The Idol, their trip to Valentino culminates with Tedros and Jocelyn having sex in the dressing room. After Jocelyn exits, Tedros masturbates by a clothing rack. Lovely stuff all around.

Dyanne is the new “World Class Sinner”

While Jocelyn gets caught up with Tedros, the label reshoots the “World Class Sinner” music video starring Jocelyn’s friend and another of Tedros’ followers, Dyanne (Blackpink’s Jennie). Yikes!

Car-tay blansh-ay

Another bizarre Tedros moment features him pronouncing carte blanche cart-ay blansh-ay. How is anyone in The Idol universe taking this man seriously?!

Xander’s idea

Tedros wins Xander (Troye Sivan), Jocelyn’s creative director, over and asks for his ideas for Jocelyn going forward. Xander replies with, “When was the last truly fucking nasty, nasty pop girl?” Then he proposes that Jocelyn uses the leaked photo of her with ejaculate on her face as her album cover. The brain power between these two men is unmatched.

The hairbrush

The final montage takes the cake for the most WTF scene of the episode.

After Tedros pressures Jocelyn to reveal that her mother abused her with a hairbrush in front of random members of his posse, he tells her, “All that trauma you gotta turn it into inspiration, tap into it, you’re gonna feel it, you’re gonna face it, remember it. You’re going to let it wash all over. You’ve still got that hairbrush?” Jocelyn gets the hairbrush out and Tedros proceeds to abuse her the same way her mother did. his abuse are interspersed with clips of him kissing her.

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