Bill Skarsgård’s Original Role in John Wick 4 Was Initially Different

Skarsgård had initially been considered for a different role in John Wick 4. Director Chad Stahelski revealed that the character no longer exists in the final film but he thought Skarsgård could play that part. Stahelski had been impressed by Skarsgård’s work in Atomic Blonde, where he was cast by Stahelski’s former partner Dave Leitch. Stahelski admired Skarsgård’s ability to convey emotions through non-verbal acting and felt it would fit well with the John Wick world. Stahelski reached out to Skarsgård, offering him the opportunity to read the rough script and choose a role he liked without disclosing any specific details. Surprisingly, Skarsgård expressed interest in playing the main villain, the Marquis. Stahelski initially tried to dissuade him, but Skarsgård insisted, viewing the role as fun and delicious. Ultimately, Stahelski granted Skarsgård the role, leading to the creation of one of the most memorable villains in the John Wick franchise.


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