Memorable Takeoff Verses: Celebrating the Endless Glory of The Rocket

Takeoff (born Kirsnick Khari Ball) lost his life at only 28 years old on Nov. 1, 2022, and the loss was a major hit to the rap community.

Now, June 18, 2023, marks the Migos rapper’s would-be 29th birthday, signaling a significant milestone in the aftermath of his loss.

In honor of Takeoff’s very first heavenly birthday, let’s look back on some of the iconic verses he’s provided fans.

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First up, we have Takeoff’s line in “MotorSport,” which contained a cheeky reference to Nicki Minaj.

For context, Nicki was featured on the track, and Take got a bit bold in a couple of his lines.

“If Nicki should show me her titty
Right hand on the Bible, I swear I won’t tell.

If I get to play with that kitty
I wonder how many platinums we gon’ sell.”

Nicki eventually addressed the lines on Twitter, noting that she “didn’t peep them lines until the song came out.” Oop!

“Last Memory”

On the fifth track of The Last Rocket, Takeoff straightforwardly lets fans know what he’s all about with a whimsical, space-themed verse.

“I go to space with the stars (Stars),
Might smoke a blunt with my pilot (Cookie).
Saturn, Moon, Earth, and Mars (Mars),
NASA Takeoff with the rocket (NASA).”

In addition to some sick space references, this “Last Memory” verse truly captures the laidback energy that Takeoff was known for.


Segueing into Culture, the album’s title track features Take and DJ Khaled.

After DJ Khaled talks some ish in the intro to “Culture,” Takeoff pops off with some continual rhymes, which lead up to his proclamation that Migos would have another album “comin’ soon.” We stan the sly marketing!

“I act an a*s, baboon.
Wrappin’ that dope, cocoon.
Young rich n***a in the room.
Finesse a n***a, no raccoon.

Spendin’ M&M’s in June.
Took a trip to Cancun.

CULTURE album comin’ soon (Another one).”


Next up is “Intruder,” a song where Takeoff raps about unleashing on a home invader.

However, while doing so, Take certainly bounces around with his references. From mentioning potato peelers and cannibalism to holidays like Halloween and Independence Day, Takeoff lets his imagination run wild with this verse.

“I got the right to kill em,
Potato peeler how a n***a peel ya.
Cannibalism, my dawg eat him (ruff!).
No Halloween but I might trick-or-treat him,

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