Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Stripped-Down Physique for Extraction 2, Surpassing His Thor Transformation

Director Sam Hargrave previously mentioned the importance of being physically fit while shooting the “Extraction” movies. Before working on the first film, Hargrave served as a stunt double for Chris Evans as Captain America and shared with Men’s Health, “For the Avengers movies, you had to remain functionally strong, but you also had to resemble the actor. So we engaged in various workouts to achieve the desired aesthetic.” However, in the “Extraction” movies, Hargrave directed as if he was part of the stunt team, performing stunts himself by flying on wires and following cars to capture the scenes. This required him to maintain a leaner and more functional physique.

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Tyler Rake, had to undergo a similar physical transformation. In an interview with Rappler, the actor explained that reducing muscle mass and focusing on flexibility and functionality helped decrease the risk of injuries. He stated:

“For ‘Thor,’ the objective was to build muscle and appear bigger and stronger, but it wasn’t particularly functional. In this film, the goal was to shed that and focus on agility and movement. More flexibility, more functionality.”

Hemsworth also mentioned the advantage of having a stunt performer as the director (or rather, in this case, wearing the director’s harness). Hargrave could demonstrate the stunts himself before the team executed them. The director explained:

“I approach it as a fan myself…. What would excite me? How can I present it in a way that is fresh or hasn’t been done before? There are countless exceptional action designers and choreographers out there, and I don’t believe I can surpass them in choreography. However, I might capture it in a manner that reflects my unique perspective.”


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