Why Action Movies Such as ‘Extraction 2’ Deserve the Big Screen Experience

Sam Hargrave‚Äôs Extraction 2, the sequel to Extraction, is focused on delivering action-packed fight sequences and shootouts. Despite its flaws, the film captures the audience’s attention with its silly spectacle. Unfortunately, it missed the opportunity for a theatrical release and ended up as a straight-to-TV movie on Netflix. This is a common trend, as films like Prey also suffered the same fate. While well-crafted films can still be enjoyed on the small screen, there is something lost when not seen in theaters. The communal aspect and experiencing the film the way it was intended are reasons why action movies are best viewed in theaters. Extraction 2, although not a masterpiece, would have been more impactful on the big screen, especially during its key action sequences. However, the trend of streaming movies directly instead of giving them a theatrical release, as seen with John Wick 4, Glass Onion, and The Gray Man, is unfortunate. Action films, even if not of the highest quality, deserve to be seen in theaters. The small redeeming moments in films like The Gray Man would have had more weight if given the proper presentation. Tom Cruise’s efforts to showcase the new Mission: Impossible film on IMAX screens emphasize that action is truly better on the big screen. Netflix’s chances of creating a culturally significant hit are hindered by their failure to recognize this. Although Extraction 2 missed its chance for a theatrical release, future action films on Netflix should at least be given a wider release. Movies like They Cloned Tyrone, The Killer, Rebel Moon, The Old Guard 2, and a potential Atomic Blonde sequel all deserve to be seen in theaters. The communal experience of watching action films in theaters is worth preserving, despite the streaming platforms’ dominance.


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