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Tomas Sala, the creator of The Falconeer in 2020, is back with a new project set in the same universe. Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is a unique combination of city-building, exploration, generative elements, and more. It showcases Sala’s boundless creativity and imagination. The official page describes it as a game that allows players to create their own fortified settlements within the haunting landscapes of the Ursee, the world of The Falconeer. The gameplay focuses on building across rocky cliffs and crags, with elements of resource management, combat, and storytelling. The game has been released as a “living demo” on Steam, where players can download and provide feedback. Sala plans to continue working on the game and incorporating user feedback to shape its future.

The latest press build of the game introduces a new mode that allows players to freely build. The main tool for navigation is the surveyor, an airship that moves around the ocean map and explores various islands. Building mode is activated by pressing the spacebar, with controls that revolve around moving from building to building and creating pathways. The structures dynamically form based on factors like the slope, height, and distance. The cities created are unique and reflect their improvised nature. The game allows for more intricate city designs, although it lacks the precision tools of traditional city-builders.

While not a traditional city-builder, Bulwark offers an open-world sandbox experience. Players can freely explore islands and outcroppings of the sea, encountering new outposts that can be relocated. Captains and commanders can be recruited to work in harbors and defend cities. Combat is also present, with occasional enemy attacks that can be handled by commanders, towers, or the surveyor’s automatic guns. More diverse world events are promised for the future, thanks to generative systems that provide infinite possibilities.

However, understanding the purpose and long-term goals of the game can be challenging. The demo showcases resource collection, outpost construction, and occasional fights with enemies, but lacks a clear direction or narrative. It may appeal more to players who enjoy the freedom to build and imagine without a structured goal.

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