Understanding the Ending of Coraline

Those who patiently wait for a post-credits scene in “Coraline” will be surprised by a mysterious message. At the end of the credits, the text “For those in the know: JERK WAD” appears. Curious, right?

When “Coraline” was released in 2009, the website encouraged viewers to search for a secret code in the end credits. If they entered the correct phrase on the website, they had a chance to win a pair of Nike Dunks with a “Coraline” theme. The code turned out to be “JERK WAD” (which was referenced in the film when Coraline called Wybie “the jerk wad who gave me that doll”).

Although this promotion is a nostalgic reminder of 2009, it was undoubtedly exciting for those who were aware of it. Looking back, this marketing campaign feels innocent and outdated. In the past, having a website to support a movie’s release was crucial, but now, a strong presence on social media is more important. Additionally, social media wasn’t as dominant in 2009 as it is now. It’s hard to imagine this promotion not being spoiled on various social platforms today, making the hunt pointless. Although the number of winners is unknown, there was at least one lucky person who received those cool sneakers.


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