Tom Holland and Zendaya Show Public Affection While Enjoying Ice Cream

Tom Holland and Zendaya were feeling the love on a Friday, June 16, stroll through the park in London.

The Euphoria star, 26, was spotted feeding Holland, 27, ice cream while his hands were full. The Crowded Room actor was holding the leash of Zendaya’s dog, Noon, in one hand while the other was playfully resting on his girlfriend’s rear.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Pack on PDA While Eating Ice Cream

Zendaya and Tom Holland.

The pair seemed to be enjoying Holland’s time off. He is more than eight months through a year-long hiatus from acting after making Apple TV+’s intense drama, The Crowded Room.

Amid his press tour for the new show, the England native has gushed over his longtime girlfriend. “I’m locked up, so I’m happy and in love. So, I’ve got no need for rizz,” Holland told BuzzFeed in an interview published on Wednesday, June 14.

Short for charisma, “rizz” refers to how well one can romance others. Holland joked that he needs his romantic partners “to fall in love with me, really,” in order for anyone to think he has game.

Holland said that the easiest way to get someone to fall in love with him so is by “making a movie with each other,” cheekily referencing how he and Zendaya met while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Pack on PDA While Eating Ice Cream

Zendaya and Tom Holland.

“It definitely helps when the characters you’re playing are falling in love with one another,” he added. “You can sort of blur the lines a little bit.”

Zendaya played MJ to Holland’s Peter Parker in three Spider-Man films, but when they’re off camera, the two are just like any other young couple. They get ice cream, take dogs for walks and even share memes.

The Uncharted star also revealed that Zendaya sends him hilarious viral content “nonstop” via Instagram. “I can’t keep up because I delete my Instagram for days at a time,” Holland told BuzzFeed. “I download it to post and then I have to check my messages, and I’ll have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of things from her. And I try and keep up, but it’s intense.”

The two-time Emmy winner and the Brother’s Trust cofounder are “serious and permanent,” an insider exclusively told Us Weekly in November 2022, more than one year after their relationship was confirmed in July 2021 with photos of the two kissing in a car.

“They’re both in settling-down mode and are absolutely planning for a real future together,” the source added at the time.

However, they have decided to keep their romance relatively low-profile, even opting to walk the red carpet separately at the opening of India’s Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in April.

“Our relationship is something that we are incredibly protective of and we want to keep as sacred as possible,” Holland told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month. “We don’t think that we owe it to anyone, it’s our thing, and it has nothing to do with our careers.”


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