Guide to Diablo 4 Endgame: Activities to Pursue Upon Completing the Story

Diablo 4 introduces players to a vast world consisting of multiple regions and a larger story told through several Acts that span the open world. Whether you choose to focus on the main story or explore optional Dungeons and Side Quests before facing Lilith and completing the main storyline, there are many hidden features and challenges waiting for you in the Post Game.

No matter when or where you embark on these new adventures, we have all the important information you need to begin the journey towards reaching level 100 and becoming the strongest adventurer in the land. Below, you will find the most crucial new features that become available to you after finishing the main story:

Tree of Whispers:
During your time in Diablo 4’s main story, you will encounter the Tree of Whispers. However, its role continues even after the campaign, providing increased experience gain and loot. After completing the story, the Tree of Whispers will offer various bounties, including Dungeons, World Bosses, and more. By completing these bounties, you can earn Grim Favors, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards at the tree. Remember, these bounties are timed, so be sure to complete them before they expire.

Gaining Paragon Points:
Although you don’t necessarily need to complete the main story to activate this feature, it is likely that you will reach level 50 after finishing all of the Main Acts. At level 50, the Paragon Board becomes available to your character, allowing for further customization beyond your main Skills. Each board consists of different tiles that offer various stat boosts and even new Legendary Powers. As you level up after reaching level 50, you will earn Paragon Points, which can be used to expand your Starting Board and unlock additional Paragon Boards with unique bonuses. Consider your preferred skills carefully when planning your path.

Capstone Dungeons:
Don’t be fooled into thinking that the story of Diablo 4 ends after the final Act. The game introduces challenging dungeon events called Capstone Dungeons, which become accessible once your character reaches specific power levels. By reaching level 50, level 75, and level 100, you will unlock access to these dungeons and their challenging bosses. Capstone Dungeons are not only important for continuing the story but also for unlocking new events and features that would remain hidden otherwise.

Increasing the World Tier:
Depending on the speed at which you completed the story, you may have finished the main Acts on World Tier 1 or increased the difficulty to World Tier 2. However, to reach World Tier 3’s Nightmare difficulty and unlock new events such as Helltide Events and Nightmare Sigils, you must complete the first Capstone Dungeon on Tier 2’s difficulty. Reaching World Tier 4 will be even more challenging, as you will need to complete the second Capstone Dungeon at level 75 while still on World Tier 3 difficulty.

Helltide Events:
Unlocked by World Tier 3’s difficulty mode, Helltide Events transform large areas of Diablo 4’s open world into dangerous zones plagued by demonic invasions. These events occur periodically and are marked in red on your map. During Helltide Events, you must fend off demons, participate in events, and earn unique materials that can upgrade your gear. Special chests called Tortured Gifts can also appear during Helltides and provide exceptional gear.

Nightmare Dungeons and Glyphs:
At World Tier 3, you gain access to Nightmare Sigils, which correspond to specific dungeons in the world. These sigils have positive and negative modifiers that are active in the Nightmare version of the dungeon. Nightmare Dungeons are incredibly challenging and offer substantial rewards. By salvaging sigils, you can create even tougher dungeons and earn Glyphs, which are perks that can be added to your Paragon Board. Choosing nearby perks close to the socket can enhance the power of Glyphs.

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