Sneak Peek into Concept Art from an Unreleased Robotech Movie

For 15 years, individuals in Hollywood have been attempting to bring a live-action Robotech movie to fruition. The goal has always been to adapt the first and most popular season of Robotech, which was a Western version of the acclaimed Japanese series, Macross. The journey to create this movie has been filled with multiple attempts, with Tobey Maguire leading the charge for a Warner Bros. version in 2007, followed by Sony’s attempt in 2015 with James Wan attached as the director. However, both projects eventually fell through. Now, Sony is making a third and more recent endeavor with Rhys Thomas, the director of Hawkeye, set to take the reins.

This latest attempt at making a Robotech movie has a higher chance of success due to the resolution of a long-standing legal battle that hindered the release of Macross products in the West for many years. With the legal issues resolved in 2021, Sony is now able to move forward with their renewed efforts to bring Robotech to the big screen.

Now, let’s focus on the art feature at hand. Tonight, we present a collection of artwork from Sony’s first attempt at the Robotech movie, which unfortunately got cancelled in 2019 after facing a major setback in 2018 when James Wan departed to work on Aquaman. The illustrations primarily showcase the SDF-1, Macross Island (capturing its essence perfectly), and redesigned Veritech fighters. Additionally, there are artworks that highlight original plot elements, such as the oil rigs, that would have been unique to this particular film. These stunning pieces were created by the talented artist Col Price, known for his work on series like WipeOut and Battlefield. You can explore more of Col’s artwork on his personal website and ArtStation page.

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