Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Receives Over $1M in Financial Support

Kevin Costner’s divorce isn’t going smoothly. It’s costing the actor quite a bit of coin. His estranged wife, Christine Costner, is cashing in.

Kevin Costner Has Shelled Out Over A Million

Kevin Costner is all smiles as he tips the valet

So far, the veteran actor has been seeing money fly out of his bank account. Per the prenuptial agreement that Costner and Costner agreed upon before tying the knot, Kevin has been holding up his end of the bargain.

He claims that he has paid out $1 million already since Christine filed back in May. “I paid $1 million to Christine,” he declared in court filings. The court documents Radar Online obtained also outlined that as part of the pre-marital agreement, I pay Christine $100,000 upon marriage and $100,000 on the first anniversary of our wedding.”

Kevin says that $200,000 was promptly paid out to Christine early on in their marriage, and they were nowhere near divorce.

Christine Costner Has Banked $1.4 Million

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Kevin Costner noted to the courts that he has already paid a gigantic sum to Christine, and the divorce isn’t finalized yet. Christine now has available to her approximately $1,450,000, which she can use at her discretion, including to find alternative housing.”

The Yellowstone star also accuses his estranged wife of stealing even more money. “Since April 2023, Christine has withdrawn from my bank account and charged on my credit card a total of $95,000, payable to her divorce attorney and forensic accountant,” he wrote.

Kevin’s statement continues. “This was done without any prior notice to me.” This bothers the famous actor; he was irked enough to tell the courts about it. This money back and forth and other issues indicate that this divorce might be a struggle.

Christine Costner Filed For Divorce

'Yellowstone' Star Kevin Costner's Wife Asks For No Spousal In Divorce Filing To End Their 18-Year Marriage

It wasn’t Kevin who wanted out of the marriage; it seems; Christine filed for divorce from Kevin after 18 years of marriage. Twenty-one days prior, she had separated from Kevin. Kevin is claiming that not only with Christine not leaving the home they have shared for the last several years, but she is also actively violating the prenup.

“Kevin simply asks that Christine honor her commitments to him by moving out of his separate property home.” Kevin’s lawyer Laura Wasser has indicated that the prenup is ironclad, so even if Christine waits it out, she will likely have to leave by the end of the divorce.

Kevin also reminded the courts that he had given Christine enough money to leave the home.

Christine Costner Believes She Has A Shot

Kevin Costner at the Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's 'The Art of Racing In The Rain'

When the mom of three filed her divorce paperwork, she indicated that the “extent of the separate property assets and debts are unknown,” as if they had property to divide up equally. But Kevin responded


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