Investors Believing They Can Monetize the Climate Crisis: A Frightening Perspective

Welcome to Startups Weekly! Sign up here to receive it in your email every Friday afternoon. The deadline for climate change is approaching, grabbing the attention of venture capitalists (VCs) who are interested in investing in solutions over the next 10 years. This development is concerning for many, including the writer of this column in TC+. Moving on to social media drama, Reddit is making headlines with its controversial API pricing, resulting in the shutdown of third-party app Apollo and protests from subreddits and moderators. Meanwhile, Twitter’s CEO has been replaced, but the company is facing eviction from its Boulder office due to unpaid rent. In the world of AI, Mistral AI raises a significant seed round to compete with OpenAI, while Meta open sources an AI music generator and Itoka wants to license AI-generated music via blockchain. Blush, an AI lover, also garners attention. Carvana experiences a rollercoaster in its stock price, and the Tesla charging standard becomes a topic of discussion as GM and Ford enter the market. Lastly, there are updates on EV chargers in Google Maps and Apple Maps, and some notable EV offerings. Don’t forget to join us at Disrupt 2023 in San Francisco this September!

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