Bo Dietl, Luis Ruelas’ Trusted Associate, Challenges Joe Gorga and Promises to Unveil the Truth

Bo Dietl, a trusted associate of Luis Ruelas, has declared war against Joe Gorga, using derogatory language to describe him and vowing to expose his lies. Dietl, a retired NYPD detective, gained attention after Luis Ruelas claimed that he had incriminating information about the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, Ruelas later backtracked on his statements, and Dietl confirmed that Ruelas had no involvement in hiring him for any investigations regarding the cast members. In a radio show interview, Dietl unleashed on Melissa and Joe Gorga, promising to personally investigate Joe free of charge. He warned Joe not to underestimate him and suggested that Joe inquire about him from mutual acquaintances. Fans of the show had mixed reactions to the drama, with some questioning Dietl’s motives and others supporting his actions.


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