“The Stay At Home Chef’s Dry Ranch Seasoning Recipe”

Discover the secret to finger-licking, delicious dishes with this homemade ranch seasoning. Bursting with savory and tangy flavors, this seasoning is the perfect addition to a variety of dishes.

The versatility and boldness of this homemade ranch seasoning enhances a variety of dishes. The tangy flavors of onion and garlic, combined with bright notes of parsley and dill create an explosion of flavors. The seasoning’s richness lies in the sharpness of black pepper and the subtle hint of chives. This transformative seasoning enhances the flavor of your dishes and takes it to the next level.

The Rich Legacy of Ranch Flavor

Ranch flavor originated with the ranch dressing invented by Steve Henson and his wife Gayle in the 1950s. They created it while working as a contract plumber in Alaska, and it gained popularity when they served it at their California dude ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch. Over time, this flavor became an essential ingredient in the American cuisine, used in salad dressings, dips, and a variety of dishes.

A Medley of Serving Suggestions

The homemade ranch seasoning is a versatile mix and adds an extra kick of flavor to a variety of dishes.

  • Dust it over roasted or steamed vegetables for a burst of tanginess.
  • Use as a rub for chicken, fish, or tofu before grilling or roasting for an extra dimension of flavor.
  • Sprinkle freshly-popped popcorn with a dash of this seasoning for an instant flavor upgrade
  • Mix it into a breadcrumb coating for chicken or fish for a deliciously crunchy and flavorful crust.
  • Stir a teaspoon into your pasta sauces for a creamy, savory depth.

Experiment with your seasoning to personalized your dishes. With homemade ranch seasoning in your arsenal, possibilities are limitless!

I don’t have all the ingredients, can I still make ranch seasoning?

Yes, you can still make a ranch-style seasoning with what you have on hand. Just keep in mind that missing some ingredients will alter the final flavor.

Can I double or halve this recipe?

Absolutely! You can adjust this recipe based on your needs. If you find yourself using it frequently, making a larger batch might be convenient. Conversely, if you’re trying it for the first time, feel free to make a smaller batch.

Is it cheaper to make my own ranch seasoning?

In many cases, yes. Making your own seasoning also means you know exactly what’s in it, and you can adjust the ingredients to suit your taste.

Can I reduce the sodium content?

If you’re watching your sodium intake, you can decrease the amount of salt in the recipe. As with all spices and seasonings, feel free to adjust according to your dietary preferences or requirements.

Overhead view of a small jar filled with homemade ranch seasoning.

Storage Instructions

When stored correctly, this seasoning remains fresh for up to 3 months and adds a burst of flavor to your dishes. If you make a ranch dressing using this seasoning, refrigerate the leftovers and use them within a week.

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