“Shapeshifter and rogue knight wreak havoc in ‘Nimona’ trailer”

Netflix’s upcoming animated adventure, Nimona, is filled with knights and shapeshifters, making it one of the year’s best movies.

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Nimona is based on the graphic novel by ND Stevenson, who also brought us the reboot of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The story takes us to a medieval kingdom in turmoil after the queen’s murder. Ballister Blackheart (voiced by Riz Ahmed), a commoner-turned-knight, is wrongly accused of the crime. He reluctantly joins forces with shapeshifter Nimona (voiced by ChloĆ« Grace Moretz), who craves chaos and murder, to clear his name. Together, they uncover a great evil within the realm and learn valuable lessons about identity and challenging authority. Ballister’s partner, Ambrosius Goldenloin (voiced by Try Guy, Eugene Lee Yang), also plays a significant role.

Nimona will be available on Netflix on June 30.(opens in a new tab)

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