During the ‘RHONJ’ Reunion Part 3, Joe Gorga gets exposed as a dishonest person.

RECAP: Joe Gorga Exposed As A Liar During ‘RHONJ’ Reunion Part 3Welcome to The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale. With the husbands joining the couch, Andy Cohen begins with a light-hearted comment, by asking if he should consider Botox. After a few laughs and being counted in, Andy begins by asking how Frank Catania’s doing. All is well and Frank got some new teeth that he’s happy to show off. Joe Benigno’s happy Margaret Josephs wrist is healed and ask how Nate Cabral felt about his first season. Paulie loves the set and Andy congratulates Louie on his new marriage as he continues to check in on Joe Gorga. Joe’s heart is beating out of his chest and Andy lets Joe know that Teresa Giudice just said the same thing. Continuing the conversation, Andy informs the crew that he has their calendar ready. Joe then shares how seeing Frank in the bunny costume brought joy to his life. Melissa expresses her opinion that Frank’s picture is the best, and Andy asks if Frankie saw Paulie’s mom’s comment in Ireland. A flashback shows Paulie’s mom stating that Frank is not attractive, and Frank admits that the comment hurt him deeply. Shifting gears, Andy moves on to the topic of pajamas. A flashback reveals Louie telling Joe that he slept in his late father’s pajamas. However, Louie now clarifies that the actual scenario was different. He explains that there was a bag of clothes that never reached Joe’s father, and he ended up wearing one of the sweats in a sentimental manner. Louie acknowledges the strangeness of his initial comment and sincerely apologizes to Joe. Louie persists in expressing his desire for a relationship with Joe, stating that he made efforts to connect with him. Joe, while wanting to believe Louie, acknowledges that every time he has trusted him in the past, he has been let down. Joe candidly tells Louie that he no longer desires anything from him and that all he ever wanted was a united family. Joe says Teresa displayed humility upon her release from prison and reveals that he spoke with her daily during that period. Teresa interjects, suggesting that Joe only reached out because they were being filmed. Joe and Melissa disagree, questioning why Teresa holds such negative perceptions of them. Teresa argues that Joe and Melissa never invited her to go out, while they counter that she only socialized with individuals much younger than them. As tensions escalate, Teresa points out that Jennifer Aydin frequently takes her single sister out. Amid Joe and Melissa’s attempts to defend themselves, Teresa abruptly tells Melissa to “shut the f-ck up,” and insists that she only wants to converse with Joe. The exchange between Teresa and Melissa continues, with Teresa proclaiming that it will be the last time she speaks to Joe. He expresses his disbelief at this statement, while Melissa sarcastically remarks, “Oh, this is the last time? Let me shut up!” In the same breath, Melissa requests Joe to allow her to express herself, while Teresa claims that both Joe and Melissa have dragged her through the mud for a decade. Louie tries to intervene, but Andy’s efforts to calm the situation prove futile. Teresa further lashes out, calling Melissa a “gaslighting b-tch,” before the intensity gradually subsides. A curious fan raises the question of why John Fuda received hazing instead of Nate Cabral, to which Nate expresses his belief that John can handle himself while he takes a more passive role. Andy then shifts the focus to “The Real Husbands of New Jersey,” providing a recap of the husbands’ experiences throughout the season. From Danielle Cabral expressing her admiration for her husband to Joe Gorga showcasing his skills with hotdogs during the calendar shoot, the husbands had their moments. They enjoyed shots and even shared some moments smoking weed during their guys’ night out. John endured a chest waxing, and Andy initiates a discussion on who can handle alcohol the best. Paulie, Joe, and John all think they are the best, while Andy reads a fan question for Frank. The fan suggests that Frank struggles to let go of Dolores Catania, and Frank admits that Dolores is his best friend, requiring some adjustments along the way. Speaking of unorthodox, Andy wonders why Frank’s still living in David’s (Dolores’s ex-boyfriend) house. Andy asks if Frank’s paying rent and luckily Frank reveals he and Brittany just closed on a house. Frank lets us know that he and Paulie are good now and Paulie agrees. Andy moves onto Bill Aydin and his time in the pool house. A fan questions if Bill ever feels bad for ignoring his family and although the crew thinks the comment is harsh, Bill continues without a sweat. Bill understands he picked a profession that’s not suitable for the perfect family life. Bill clarifies that he’s in the pool house for thirty-minutes to an hour, as Andy comments on Bill looking miserable in therapy. Contrary to being miserable, Bill was feeling exhausted due to the constant need to cater to Jennifer’s emotions, and he felt that the stress related to their children was being overlooked. However, Bill has actively implemented changes and is committed to resolving issues with Jennifer, actively working on their relationship. Andy inquires with Paulie about when he plans to make Dolores an honest woman, and Paulie responds by stating that Dolores has no interest in getting married. Paulie explains that Dolores wants to take her time, but Andy makes it clear he has to get divorced first. Paulie says it’s in the works and admits he has a good relationship with his ex-wife. Dolores shifts a bit and Paulie almost changes his answer before Andy interrupts. Paulie’s ex-wife is good with Dolores and trust that Paulie wouldn’t bring anyone around his kids that he didn’t respect. Dolores is the first and only woman to meet Paulie’s kids and everything is good in their hood. Andy reads a tweet directed at Frank regarding Frankie Jr’s job with Louie. Frank begins to speak but Dolores jumps in to say Frankie got another job. Joe asks what happened, as unaired footage shows Frank telling Joe that Louie closed his company without notifying his employees. While Louie prompts Frank to share the information, Dolores interjects by revealing that Louie offered Frankie a job and that Frankie is genuinely content working for him. Andy asks Dolores why she’s upset, and Dolores doesn’t want her kids talked about in this “cesspit.” While Joe asserts that Frankie Jr. disclosed certain information to him, Teresa vehemently accuses Joe of lying through his teeth. In response, Dolores firmly tells Joe that they never had any issues in the past and expresses her desire to avoid any conflicts. Dolores is done talking about this and thanks Louie for hiring Frankie Jr. Amid the kerfuffle, John Fuda interjects by accusing Louie of investigating his son Jaiden’s mother, who is currently incarcerated. Louie denies any involvement in such an investigation, but John suggests that he has proof otherwise. John warns Louie to keep his kid out of it, as chaos erupts. Andy’s trying to get answers, but he can’t get a word in edgewise. Louie continues to deny the accusation, while John claims a phone number was traced and leads back to Bo Dietl. Teresa claims they have no interest in investigating anyone but Andy wonders what Louie meant when he mentioned Bo Dietl’s name during the finale. Louie claims he was misstated and that he said those things out of anger. However, Andy checks Louie on the fact he said the same thing the very next day. A flashback shows Louie telling the ladies that Bo Dietl is his best friend and that he has files on everyone. Rachel tells the group that she and Melissa were out to lunch and Bo Dietl sat right next to them. John calls Louie a liar. Teresa demands proof, seeking validation for the claims being made. The atmosphere grows tense with everyone raising their voices, and in the midst of the chaos, Margaret pulls out an envelope. However, Andy intervenes, requesting them to wait, and Margaret puts the envelope behind her. Suddenly, Andy shares that he received a call from production, informing him that Louie had hired security for himself. Louie asserts that security was arranged on his behalf by Bo…


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