Could Forza Motorsport be a hidden dating simulator? Turn 10 strives for players to form an intimate bond with their vehicles.

Turn 10 Studios is keen on building a strong relationship between players and their cars in the upcoming Forza Motorsport game. During a presentation after the Xbox Games Showcase, Forza Motorsport general manager Dan Greenawalt and creative director Chris Esaki stressed that the game enables players to treat their car like a lover. One major difference between Forza Motorsport and Turn 10 and PlayGround Games’ previous titles is that players build their cars instead of buying them, encouraging them to become intimately familiar with the inner workings of their vehicle. The game features a revamped career mode that encourages players to level, build, and dominate, treating their cars as if they’re road-bound treasures.

Xbox is using the game as something of a technical showcase to highlight what the Series S/X can do.

Forza Motorsport’s rewards system is more incremental than ever, encouraging players to appreciate every aspect of their car. The game’s tire model is completely new, boasting eight points of contact with the track and 48x more detail. The ultimate objective of the game is to enable players to instinctively know exactly how their car feels when they take it through a corner. Turn 10 is genuinely aiming to create that level of relationship between players and their vehicles.

So, are you physically attracted to this car, yet?

Forza Motorsport is set to release on Xbox Series X|S and Steam on October 10, with a day-one Xbox Game Pass release. It remains to be seen if Turn 10’s approach will resonate with players beyond the core fanbase. Nonetheless, early previews of the game suggest that it could appeal to those who would usually steer clear of sim-heavy racers.

Forza Motorsport releases on Xbox Series X|S and Steam on October 10. It also releases day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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