Anita Baker Allegedly Removes Babyface from Tour, Citing ‘Bullying’ Concerns

Anita Baker and Babyface have recently been on tour together, but tensions arose when a show was delayed in May. Baker asked Babyface not to perform his set, causing disappointment for his band and fans. Since then, things have gotten worse, and Baker has removed Babyface from the tour.

In an announcement on Twitter, Baker wrote, “After Silently, Enduring Cyber Bulling/Verbal Abuse & Threats of Violence from the Fan Base, of Our Special Guest[heart emoji]/Support Act. In the Interest of Personal Safety. I will continue, The Songstress Tour, alone. Appropriate refunds will be made.”

Babyface responded to the news, saying, “I am saddened by the news that Anita Baker has decided to remove me from The Songstress Tour. It’s unfortunate and disheartening to see how things have played out via social media. While I was looking forward to the rest of the dates, I have nothing but love & respect for Anita and I wish her the best for the remainder of her tour.”


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