Transformers Rise of the Beast Sequels Seek to Incorporate Further G.I. Joe Elements

Sophie Thatcher has already found her next thriller, as Indy goes on the hunt in a new clip from Dial of Destiny. The Witcher season 3 and Marvel’s Secret Invasion also showcase more footage. Stay tuned for spoilers! In io9’s interview, Transformer’s Rise of the Beasts director Zach Cregger teased that Sophie Thatcher (Yellowjackets, The Boogeyman) has taken on a role in his upcoming sci-fi/thriller, Companion, that is “more than meets the eye.” Lorenzo di Bonaventura has confirmed a sequel to Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in which the Autobots and Maximals will team up with members of G.I. Joe, with the Maximals set to play a bigger role. Meanwhile, director Damian Leone has revealed that Terrifier 3 will dial back on the “fantasy elements” shown in part two and Venom 3 is set for an October 2024 release. Other teasers include a remake of Lon Chaney, Jr.’s Spider Baby and the sequel to Sailor Moon Cosmos. Finally, Nick Fury warns to “trust no one” in the latest Secret Invasion TV spot while Superman & Lois has been renewed for a final, shortened season and Gotham Knights has been cancelled.

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