Once Again, Apple Strikes Gold. And No, I’m Not Referring to Vision… | Written by Michael Long | June, 2023

No, the author is not referring to Vision Pro in this content. Instead, they express their frustration with Apple’s decision to limit new technology added to SwiftUI to only iOS 17 and the newest versions of iPadOS and macOS. The author had hoped that Apple would utilize the @backDeployed attribute introduced in Swift 5.8 to make it easier to backport new capabilities to older versions of a framework. However, Apple did not implement this option in their recent State of the Union presentation for WWDC 2023.

The author expresses the need for technology such as Observable to simplify the SwiftUI framework and help developers who struggle with understanding ObservedObject and StateObject. However, they also acknowledge that Observable may come with its own issues.

The author compares this limitation to the UIStackView problem that they faced in the past, where a cool new set of tools was only supported in newer versions of iOS, causing developers to wait for several years before being able to use them. The author believes that despite understanding the problem, Apple’s decision to limit new technology to only the latest versions of their operating systems puts them behind other cross-platform tools like React Native, Jetpack Compose, Kotlin MultiPlatform, and Flutter.

The author expresses their disappointment in Apple’s decision not to provide backward compatibility to earlier versions of iOS with new technology, suggesting that it could create depression and disillusionment among developers.

The author also highlights Apple’s past decision to backport async/await to iOS 13, making their code better and eliminating problems with nested completion handlers. However, they express their frustration with Apple’s lack of effort to do the same with newer technology for SwiftUI.

Overall, the author expresses their anger about Apple’s focus solely on the latest versions of their operating systems, limiting the potential of their new technology. The author will continue to watch and learn about new tools and technologies, despite their frustration.

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