Volume 1 of Images Generated by AI for Free

Today, we are delighted to announce the release of our inaugural collection of more than 120 AI generated images. This and upcoming series will delve into the beautiful and wide-ranging world of AI generated artwork, which is available for free download and use in personal and commercial projects under the CC BY 4.0 license. These images can be used in web design mockups, client work, or any other project. Additionally, you can simply copy the prompt and try to generate similar AI art yourself!

To download any of the images, simply click on the picture or link icon, and it will open in a new tab. If you have created your own AI generated art, we encourage you to let us know and we’ll feature it in our next collection. The collection features pieces created using Midjourney and upscaled using BigJpg, and includes Cute 3D Building Models, 3D Lounge Area, Futuristic Haute Couture, Soft Glowing Shapes, Afternoon Hangout, 3D Object Compositions, Pearls and Shells, Fashion Jewelry, Minimal Sculptures, Pearl Sculptures, Shiny Circuits, and Fashion Photography.

We hope you enjoyed our first collection of free AI generated art and have found some inspiration for your own creations! Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section, and let us know if there’s a specific theme you’d like us to explore in the future. Thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to check out our Gooey Cursor Effect!

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