Clockwork Revolution BioShock Infinite Similarities Spark Response from Microsoft

Microsoft has denied intentional similarities between inXile’s upcoming game Clockwork Revolution and BioShock Infinite, following accusations from some fans that the two games looked remarkably alike. The reveal trailer for Clockwork Revolution, a “time-bending steampunk first-person RPG”, was unveiled during the Xbox Games Showcase and features similar steampunk aesthetics as BioShock Infinite, including perspectives of statues, sky rails, characters, enemies, and posters.

A Twitter user named Butmac, who claims to have worked on BioShock Infinite trailers, further highlighted the similarities in a series of posts featuring side-by-side images from both games. In response, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “Any similarities are unintentional. Players will be able to fully customize their own main character in the game.”

InXile boss Brian Fargo stressed in a series of tweets that Clockwork Revolution is a “deep RPG” with full character creation, a branching dialogue system, and steampunk weapons, featuring “crunchy details and deep reactivity” that the studio is known for. These features distinguish Clockwork Revolution from the story-based first-person shooter adventure BioShock Infinite, which has light RPG elements. The game is due out “in due time”.

Microsoft recently announced the Xbox Games Showcase, and the full Summer of Gaming schedule has also been revealed.

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