Square Enix’s Game “The War of the Visions” is Not a Total Imitation of Splatoon

When Foamstars was revealed at the PlayStation games showcase, many were unsure of what to expect. The four-versus-four game sees players shoot pink and teal foam at each other until they are completely trapped and bounced off the stage. The Star mode, the only one available to try, offers enhanced health and attack, and faster cooldowns for abilities to the player with the best overall performance. The game is being developed in-house at Square Enix with a team of developers from various franchises. Although the game is similar to Splatoon, it has a unique Persona-style presentation and Overwatch-style balancing. The game offers variations in gun speed and spread, with each VIP, aka hero, having two normal abilities and a special. The game is enjoyable, though it remains to be seen whether it has the capacity to become a successful live service shooter. Square Enix has not yet provided any information on microtransactions or unlocks. The game’s map is small and character abilities felt haphazard, with no clear synergy between them. While Foamstars is an interesting PS-exclusive, it remains to be seen whether it can become a sustainable online hangout.

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